Welcome to my web presence.  Ordinarily I avoid homepages on the net, as the vast majority contain too many dancing creatures and amateur use of HTML Wizards.  I don't claim to be an HTML wizard myself, but judge for yourself.  At any rate, some information is best clustered on a page like this. Enjoy your stay.

Current Projects

Thoof A social news site combining the editing power of Wikipedia with sophisticated statistics to pick personalized stories for each individual reader.

The Second Interpreter of Scheme Code A high performance system for executing Scheme (a dialect of LISP) code.  SISC is the fastest Java based Scheme Interpreter, and implements the R5RS Scheme Standard more completely than nearly every other Scheme system in any language, and with a footprint of only 300k.  Available from the above site is a paper on its implementation as well as the 100 page user manual in a variety of forms.

The Freenet Project Devoted to preserving Free Speech through technical means.  The cryptographic protections in the Freenet protocol are beyond military strength.  The design was primarily mine and Oskar Sandberg's, with invaluable contributions by Hal Finney.  

Retired Projects

Novus Ordo Seclorum A project to create a ticket based, high security data network for
group based communication.  Working prototype exists, but too little time to work further.

Gamora The GNU Adaptable Multiplatform Routing Architecture.  The project created a software toolkit that allowed simple components to be connected automatically to create complex networked application servers.  A web server could be implemented in as little as half an hour, without any need to write networking, file access, or plumbing code.  


Currently I'm working as a research engineer for WholeSecurity, Inc. in Austin, Texas. WS is selling and improving a behavioral malicious code detection engine which is amazingly good.

Tech Hobbies

Ephemeral An automated archive built on custom technology, PHP, and a backend database.  Ephemeral is largely a Usenet crawler that uses applied artificial intelligence to identify posts of fiction (as opposed to discussion) and automatically archives them into a collaboratively filtered web site.  Readership of more than 15,000 users amounting to more than two million hits a month.

Minstrel (no website) is my custom built mobile data assistant.  Its a slimline 586 PC that serves music, tracks position with GPS, and can uplink using 802.11b Wireless Ethernet.  Voice activated with a voice synthesis output.

'Big Room' Hobbies

Biking, hiking, rock climing and rapelling... you know, fresh air stuff. :-)

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